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Machine est mon Coeur


Ethereal darkwave for lovers, dreamers and somnambulists.

Machine est mon Coeur is a visual and sonic universe inspired by gothic & dystopian literature, science fiction and dark beauty.

Gabin Lopez - Synths, piano, concrete sounds
Bianca Calandra - Guitar, vocals, sounds
+ all visual works


"If Dystopium can be compared to anything, it might be what a David Lynch soundtrack might sound like in 2015, with the director’s trademark bleak drama updated to include fizzing electronics and harsher, industrial sounds...Dystopium is a odd and unique album, but one that is very artistically impressive once you get to grips with it." - Nothing but Hope and Passion

French ethereal darkwave duo Machine est mon Coeur  have released one self-titled EP (2007), and one LP 'Dystopium' (2015). They have performed in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Australia. Their work has also been exhibited in France, USA, The Netherlands and Sweden.

In 2019, Machine est mon Coeur film clips have been officially selected to screen at film festivals in the USA, Norway, Finland, Russia, Romania, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Brazil, Colombia and Portugal. Their animated filmclip 'Trainwreck' (directed by Bianca Calandra) won 'Best experimental film' at the 'Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival' in New York, USA.


Nothing but hope and passion

The Active Listener

Core and Co (FR) -

Musicophages (FR) -

Kultemucke (DE) -


2019    'L'univers de Machine est mon Coeur'

            Solo exhibition @ Moi Eymet Toi (Eymet, France)

            All visual, sonic and video works associated with Machine est mon Coeur

2019    ‘Portland Unknown Film Festival’

            Group exhibition @ The Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (Portland, USA)

            'Beam of Fire' screened in curated exhibition/festival

2014    ‘Outside Sounds’

            Group exhibition @ Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands) - in assoc. with Wesley Goatley

            Machine est mon Coeur recording in permanent, curated sound archive

2008   ‘Art is not mute - The Ersta Konsthall sound archive’

            Group exhibition @ Hit art space (Gothenburg, Sweden)

            Machine est mon Coeur recording in curated sound archive/exhibition

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